Why choose Tara CBD Products?

In keeping with our reputation as a spa industry innovator, we are once again at
the leading edge of what’s new and exciting in the field of health and wellness --
Cannabidiol Oil!

Our mission continues to be finding only the purest, highest quality ingredients for
TARA products. Our CBD Oil exemplifies these standards.

It comes from a unique hemp strain that has been bred to contain the highest
concentrations of CBD and the lowest concentrations of THC (well below the .3%
legal limit at .05%), so there are no psychoactive effects.

  • It is grown organically, out of doors, in the USA and is fully regulated by the Department of Agriculture.
  • The oil is extracted using a proprietary, super critical CO2 extraction method. No solvents are used in the processing.
  • It is then lab tested to ensure CBD & THC concentrations and zero levels of solvents, metals, pesticides or microbials.

It is the highest quality CBD on the market!