Our Philosophy

“When I started this company many years ago, my dream was to offer the purest, most health-sustaining products possible. We named the company TARA, not after me personally, but in celebration of Tara the Goddess, who came to earth as a Star. As the first physical manifestation of the Divine Mother, she represents the Universal feminine energy that resides in each of us. The essence of Tara is nourishing, compassionate, inclusive and embracing – all the qualities I hoped our company would reflect. What better name to invoke the timeless wisdom of the Divine Mother and to honor the divinity that resides within.

For over 25 years, our integrated wellness solutions and authentic products have been offered in the finest spas. And while I’ve been known as the “Ayurveda Lady” for my role in introducing Ayurvedic healing traditions to the American spa industry, we’re so much more than that today. In addition to our celebrated Ayurvedic treatments, TARA Spa Therapy continues to break new ground in holistic healing modalities.

We are always evolving with new TARA products and services, but some things will never change: our commitment to offering products of unparalleled quality, our attention to beautiful, eco-positive packaging and the integrity with which we approach our business and our customers. Now, with our new Living Wellness® initiative, there has never been a better time to integrate TARA products into your wellness lifestyle.”