Why Use CBD?
CBD improves the overall functioning of the Endocannabinoid System. It’s an anti-inflammatory, an acute and chronic pain reliever and an antispasmodic effective in treating epilepsy and seizures. It enhances circulation, promotes cell regeneration and helps alleviate stress, calm anxiety, alter mood and promote sleep.


Is CBD Legal?
The 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp cultivation and the transfer of Hemp derived CBD containing less than .3% THC to and through all 50 states. A majority of states have since made it legal to sell hemp derived CBD products within their state. Many additional states are poised to soon follow suit; however, state law trumps federal law, so be sure to check the current law in your state.

What Forms Is CBD Available In?
CBD is available in topicals, pills, edibles, extracts, tinctures, vapors, sprays and suppositories. All can be effective but not all are used in spas.

What is the Difference Between Isolate and Full Spectrum CBD?

Many believe that all of the compounds contained in the cannabis plant work together synergistically to provide more benefits and ensure better absorption than an isolated form of just CBD Oil. Other studies have shown no difference in effectiveness between a full spectrum product and an isolate. So the jury is still out on this issue.

Will I Feel High With CBD?
CBD extracted from Hemp contains less than .3% (.003) THC. You should not feel high or experience any negative change in your mind or mental process with this level of THC. TARA CBD products contain even less THC – a minimal .05% (.0005).

Will I Fail a Drug Test Taking CBD?

This depends on whether the source is hemp or marijuana. Chances of failing a drug test taking CBD extracted from hemp containing less than .3% (.003) THC are practically impossible. TARA’s CBD has even less THC at .05% (.0005). A primary reason for possible failure is a mislabeled product that contains more THC than claimed. Exposure to second hand marijuana smoke or the use of marijuana in the past may also cause one to test positive. Best assurance – confirm that the company is legitimate and their product is pure. You can also have your product lab tested before your blood test.


Can I Be Assured of the Purity of TARA CBD Products?
TARA guarantees the legitimacy of our source. CBD is extracted from the flowers and leaves of a hybrid strain of organic hemp grown outdoors and regulated by the Department of Agriculture. It’s processed without solvents. It
has the highest concentration levels of CBD and the lowest levels of THC (.0005) in the marketplace. 3rd party test results confirm CBD and

THC concentrations and zero solvents, metals, pesticides and microbials. CBD is added to a selection of TARA products containing pure ingredients that support and enhance the benefits of the CBD.

What Amount of CBD Will Ensure I Experience Results?

We have determined that our concentrations of 50 mg./oz in Body & Massage Oils and 80 mg./oz in Muscle Liniment, Gel and Bath Salts are therapeutic levels that will provide results. However, repeated application is necessary to ensure effective, long lasting benefits.

When comparing CBD levels, it’s important to factor the total amount listed on a label by the size of the container, e.g. 320 mg. CBD in a 4 oz. bottle is 80 mg. per oz.

Can I Use CBD if I am Pregnant?
Science has not as yet confirmed that it’s safe for pregnant women to use CBD and existing research results are contradictory. While recognizing the potential benefits of CBD, the American Congress of OB-GYNS has taken a conservative approach and advises its membership against recommending cannabinoids for pregnant women.